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Lonnie Melashenko is a worldwide speaker, proclaiming the Gospel of our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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High Resolution Photos:

Lonnie Melashenko   Lonnie Melashenko
Lonnie & Jeannie
  Lonnie Melashenko
Download all five portraits, full size, as a zip file.

Lonnie Melashenko Lonnie Melashenko Lonnie & Jeannie Melashenko
Lonnie Melashenko Lonnie Melashenko Lonnie & Jeannie
Download all five portraits, full size, as a zip file.


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Listen as The Melashenko Four, featuring Lonnie, singing Room at the Cross.


Voice of Prophecy Speaks - Lonnie Melashenko 

My series of "VOICE OF PROPHECY SPEAKS" evangelistic series has been loaded on to the Internet and can be listened to on your computer -- without purchasing all 26 of the sermons. Free for all 26 shows. This was originally televised as "NET 93" during the opening week of the Iraq War, so the first sermon is a bit "dated." My friend Warren Judd (producer-director) always felt this was the best-ever evangelistic series he had ever produced or heard. Enjoy a spiritually uplifting time for you and/or your friends. Note: I didn't have gray hair in '93. Click here. - Lonnie Melashenko

Online Bookstore:

Lonnie's books are available through the Voice of Prophecy Online Bookstore.
Also, the music of the Melashenko family (CDs & DVD) are available at VOP.

The Farm, as told by Virginia Holbert, and authored by Candace Tkachuck can be purchased as a book. The Farm is a very candid and brief (complete with photos) personal account of life for the Melashenko Family immigrants during their exodus from the Bolshevik Revolution, dumping them into the Great Depression for Russian-Ukrainian "Sod-busters" in Saskatchewan. Some details are shocking; Not nice, but a truthful, honest disclosure of intimate family life and details that remind us of the story of Joseph in Genesis: (1) Life isn't easy; (2) God has a plan. The Farm is co-written by Lonnie's only living Aunt Virginia (nee Melashenko) Holbert as told to his cousin Candace Tkachuck.